Azure Web Store

Built a comprehensive Azure architecture with functional code, CI/CD, and various services for exploring Azure technologies. The project, centered around a Web Store application, provides hands-on experience with Azure services, demonstrating best practices in cloud development.


Application Deployment

Gain practical insights into Azure App Dev Services through the deployment of a full-featured Azure Store Application and its dependencies.

Live Deployment: TBD

Useful Scenarios Covered:

  • CI/CD into Azure App Service & Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • N-Tiered Architecture with correlated telemetry in Azure Application Insights.
  • User authentication via Azure B2C.
  • API Management, Deployment Slots, and Azure SDKs for Java and Spring Boot.


Part 1: Environment Setup and Docker Image Build

  • Setup your environment: Prerequisites and environment setup.
  • Build the Docker Images: Build Store Application and Services Docker Images.

Part 2: Azure Container Registry and App Service

  • Push Docker Images to ACR: Push Docker Images to Azure Container Registry.
  • Configure App Service: Continuous deployment of ACR Docker image updates.
  • GitHub Action for CI/CD: Configure GitHub Action for CI/CD into App Service.

Part 3: Azure Kubernetes Cluster and Configuration

  • Create AKS Cluster: Create an Azure Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Configure Ingress Controller: Configure NGINX Ingress controller.
  • Azure DevOps Pipeline for AKS: Configure Pipeline for CI/CD into Azure Kubernetes Service.

Part 4: Integration and Identity Management

  • Connect App and Services: Integration of App and Services.
  • Configure Application Insights: Configure Apps to use Application Insights.
  • Configure API Management: Configure API Management in front of Services.

Part 5: DataOps and Automated Testing

  • DataOps with Databricks: Configure Pipeline for CI/CD into Azure Databricks.
  • Automated Regression Tests: Configure pipelines for automated regression tests.
  • Build and Deploy Azure Functions: Build and Deploy Azure Functions.

Part 6: Power Apps and Logic App

  • Canvas Power App: Build a Canvas Power App with a Custom Connector.
  • Logic App Configuration: Build a Logic App to send an email from Service Bus topic.

Part 7: Infrastructure as Code and SignalR

  • IaC with Bicep: Build a Bicep IaC Template.
  • SignalR Configuration: Configure SignalR for Real-Time Analytics in the Client Browser.