CI/CD App - Phase 1: Understanding the Application Architecture and Tools

Delving into the application's design and introducing the tools that will be used.

IaC, CI/CD Enhancements, Smoke testing

Diving into tools such as Terraform to utilize IaC. Enhancing CI/CD pipeline and testing.

API Backend continuation and Frontend integration

Integrating website frontend and backend services to create an example visitor counter stat.

Backend technologies and APIs

Creating backend foundation using AWS Services such as API Gateways, Lambda, and DynamoDB. Exploring IAM Permissions more indepth.

Building the Frontend

Building the frontend of the website using HTML,CSS,Javascript and Hugo. Hosting the website on AWS using S3, Cloudfront and Route 53.

AWS Accounts and Organization

Creating AWS Accounts and Organization. Using AWS Services such as CodeCommit, CodePipeline and tools such as ORG-FORMATIONS

AWS SAA Certification Exam

How I passed SAA-C03 - AWS Solutions Architect-Associate Certification Exam

August 2023