Azure Kubernetes Web Store - Part 1

Initiating Design: Environment Setup and Docker Image Building

Text to Speech Phase 5 - Incorporating IaC

Using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to Streamline Application.

Text to Speech Phase 4 - Frontend Integration and Retrieval

Putting the Project together with frontend integration and retrieval.

Text to Speech Phase 3 - Integrating Backend

Integrating Backend Database with AWS Polly and S3 for Storage of Media Files.

Text to Spech Phase 2 - Uploading User Input and Database Storage

Eplore how to handle user input, securely store data, and set the stage for translation and conversion.

Text to Speech Phase 1- Initial Frontend and Login System

Creating the frontend and implementing a secure login system.

Deploying and Automation with Jenkins

Jenkins and its role in automating our application using a Jenkins Pipeline

Ansible and Dynamic Inventory

Configuration management and orchestration with Ansible. Integration of dynamic inventory for proficient AWS EC2 management.

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

Setting up the AWS infrastructure using Terraform for our Docker container deployment.

Creating Docker image

Bundling our application into a Docker container and deploying it to our Repo.